2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 20
Scott Myers


JACK (29), suit and tie, enters the restroom and checks, if there’s anybody else. He’s alone. He checks his phone. Puts it next to one of the sinks. He looks into the mirror.

JACK: Lisa, please listen to me just one more time…

He lifts his hands.

JACK (CONT’D): …and I promise, you’ll never hear from me again.

He lowers his hands sadly.

JACK (CONT’D): If that’s what your heart truly wants.

He hangs his head.

JACK (CONT’T): Shit. (beat) That’s not gonna work, that’s not gonna work.


Jack with a loosened tie, speaking with renewed enthusiasm.

JACK: Lisa, babe, please listen to me just one more time-


JACK: Sweetheart, please listen-


Water dripping from his face.

JACK: …if that’s what your precious heart truly wants.


Dried and firmly.

JACK: …if that’s what your precious, little heart truly wants.


Jack swirls around, startled.

JACK (relaxing): Ah, Karen! Come in. (pointing to the toilets) ‘Clear!’.

KAREN (24), with a headset and a clipboard, enters.

KAREN: Are you ok?

Jack takes his phone.

JACK: Perfectly fine, Karen. I’m ready to go.

He lays an arm around her shoulders as they exit.

KAREN (O.S., worried): You’re not going to stray from the script again, right?

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