Writing prompt: All the dragons were giggling

Their tongues lashed out, their eyes burned green, then gold. The air filled with the sounds of their snickering, whispers, then giggles. After a while, the sound grew to laughter, full throated, bellowing. Then, it changed to shouting, yelling, screaming. Their eyes bulged red, full of rage. The veins, and sinews popped out from their long, muscular necks. Their scales all stood on end, razor sharp. They howled, at full volume, until the earth shook. Silence them, with our anger, with our power, with the fire in our eyes. Destroy them, whittle them down, burn them, bury them, we will do no less. Until it’s done, until we’ve won.

But the small ones were not afraid. They did not turn away. Into the fire, face to the flames, they went. They climbed. They grew stronger, mightier, until they were small no more. There was power in numbers, in all the eyes who were not blind. We will sing, we will not stay silent, they said, as the dragons sharpened their claws. They can burn us, diminish our light, but we will shine even brighter. We know what it is to fight. We are the beauty, in the darkened room, we bloom with no sunlight. We flourish, despite the storm.