Day 6

I finally got to he top of the London eye, and man was it beautiful at the top, you can see the whole city for about 30 pounds and also an hour in line. From there we all decided to go on a canal barge but I decided to meet up with some more family. I met up with some cousins I had never met before cousin Janet who was my cousins Michelle’s sister. She was a social worker she took care of foster kids. She was with her cousin on her side of the family who was Jamaican also. But her accent was so thick I had a hard time understanding her sometimes, but as the son of a Jamaican I got most of it. She was so nice and full of life she was probably around 64 years old. We went out to north London to Janet’s house and then went out to nandos with her nieces and her daughter and their kids. I was he youngest person except for her grandchildren who were around 6, 9, 13, years old respectively. the kids act just like kids from the states, they were inquisitive, funny and knew the words to every song on the radio. I got introduced to afrobeats which here in the states would be considered reagae or even dancehall. But it’s a African beat with synths and rap or singing over top of it! I have been listening to it nonstop sense! Also learned how to do some cool African dances! It’s really popular in the U.K. I’ve heard it in every club I went too, and the people go crazy when they hear it most people from the states probably heard a little bit in drakes latest album More life. Here’s my favorites.