From Bangkok to Silicon Valley.

Today, we have been selected for 500 startups investment & 4 months accelerator program in Silicon Valley.

What does it mean for us :
Being selected among more than 1000 other startups applicants worldwide is amazing, but it was a result of 1 year hustle & creativity.

For my 20’s Thai team, being one of the only startup in South East Asia selected for this word class startup accelerator is very symbolic, showing how emerging markets young talents now step up when they partner together.

Here are some insights about our model..

We love what we do and we want more people to be able to say so.
What is our mission :
We aim to connect the next generation of passionate millennials talents with impactful startups innovators.

During last year, we gathered a community of tech startups & digital millennials (Programmers, Designers, Digital marketers & tech Sales) across Thailand, Vietnam & Singapore.

Now we connect this Millennials & Startups community online and on mobile, pushing to them relevant & exciting jobs opportunities align with their culture & skills.

From Job Search to Job Matching :

GetLinks is a mobile app that helps programmers, designers, digital marketers to discover exciting digital jobs in Asia.

How can our mobile platform change the recruitment industry ?

Based on people digital profiles, our job recommendations algorithm enable people to discover digital jobs that are relevant, matching their skills, experience, culture & ambitions.

Our platform erase the frictions in the very fragmented tech recruitment market. By matching digital profiles with digital jobs, we are catalysing this networks of Programmers, Designers, Digital marketers & Sales, connecting passionate talents with innovative tech companies.

We kill the job search by bringing Ecommerce product recommendation technologies in the recruiting industry.

Pushing opportunities where Millennials spend most of their time :

Leveraging on Asia social media craze, we also push startups jobs offer to relevant passive job seekers outside our database.

This push model empower recruiters to leverage on Social Media and attract already employed passive job seekers that are usually best talents: Shifting recruiters from passive to to active hiring!

By supporting startups with a right team, we can change the world :

Wherever they come from Bangkok, Paris or San Francisco.
Either if its solving climate change with a maker community or disrupting the taxi matching in developing countries, those tech companies, will have high impact & we see our mission in supporting them by matching relevant passionate talents to their teams.

Bangkok <> Mountain View next steps :
We didn’t come this far just to come this far. This is just the beginning

There is a lot of new updates coming from our side!

  1. Our new mobile app V3 is coming this month ! [URL]
  2. We open our survey for the exiting startups who want to post their jobs on our platform—

Don’t hesitate to share our story & partner with us, contact :

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