Unleashing Asia’s tech talents from job search forever.

Releasing a product that have changed people lives.

We believe in people, we believe with 1 developer, 1 designer, 1 marketer, you can change the world. We believe in creating a future of work where getting a job that you love is as seamless as getting a Uber ride.
Last year, Getlinks have helped more than 500 people to get the job of their dream in Asia’s tech industry, here is how.

Welcome to Getlinks.

We believe technology can make the future of work brighter, and we design tools and experiences to give candidates control and transparency among what career they could do, where they want, with the projects they want, with the people they like. We call this the Freedom of Work.

Never apply again : Let the companies apply to you!

Getlinks marketplace provide reverse hiring experience for tech talents.

We enable candidates to use the same profile to interview with 100 companies with no efforts within weeks.

  1. Create your profile
  2. Receive job & internships offers

Once signed up & passed our screening process, candidates can just sit on their couch and wait for companies to send them interview requests.

Result? A reverse hiring experience where candidate have no hustle of job search and are in total control of their career moves with total transparency. We call this the Freedom of Work.

Explore the tech city, show interest, receive jobs offers in no time.

Candidates are able to follow companies they like and be notified once the company open a job that is relevant for their profile with instant Facebook Messenger, LINE & SMS notifications.

Aside of passively receiving job offers from hot tech companies, tech talents can also explore what opportunities our personalized matching algorithm suggest them on basis of their skills, experience, interests and career ambitions.

…Across 6 tech hubs in Asia!

More than a job, join a talent network

As being a talent centric platform, we believe people lives are not something you can trade on a marketplace. Thus while connecting companies and talents seamlessly online, Getlinks product keep the essences of recruitment at the core : connecting people.

Getlinks is totally free for candidates and also provide free dedicated tech talent coaches accessible every day via chat messages to support users and advise them on their next career move.

Getlinks ecosystem connect tech talents building the next generations of Silicon Valleys in Asia. By connecting our tech talents with partners community events like tech meetups, hackathons & startups conferences, we aim to build a powerful network of geeks sharing the same lifestyle of Freedom of Work: loving their industry, loving the people they meet and loving what they are working on.

Join Getlinks, the leading tech talent network in Asia and access to hot tech startups jobs, tech industry market insights, monthly events and the freedom of work!

Getlinks Unleash Tech Talents super powers.

— Join Getlinks tech talent network now —

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