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Peter Fritz Walter


Sorry for yet another late response, I too decided to take some time to collect my thoughts on the matter. What I find truly fascinating, and I’m sure you’d agree, is my overall perception of Donald Trump constantly fluctuating every day.

At one moment I will be extremely frustrated with his actions and yet in other situations, I almost choose to defend him when the media and pretty much everyone else, attack him without proper criticism. I find it hard to oppose him strongly when those who have chosen to do just that, demonize this man sometimes to the extent of referring to him as the equivalent of Hitler, which in my view, is a strong over-exaggeration; and also softens the horrors that Hitler actually committed when you compare him to Donald Trump.

For example, I saw myself defending Trump as well as journalist Piers Morgan this week (both people I strongly disagree with on a regular basis) in an article that I wrote.

I wrote about that here:

Which leads us to today, where the Russian hysteria is once again in the news despite any facts proving that Trump or anyone in his administration had any questionable dealings with the Russian government. His former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn resigned from Trump’s cabinet this week after being caught lying by insider-leaks that revealed a legal conversation between Flynn and a Russian ambassador. Fishy? Perhaps. But the smoking gun that “Trump is Putin’s puppet”? Not quite.

All while many of our mainstream publishers all release headlines calling this resignation and what it implies as , “even worse than Watergate.” In my opinion, for those who can see through the media’s base-less fueled hysteria, find this to be a push for anti-Russian rhetoric and appearing to be an agenda to shape the public opinion into justifying any future war with Russia.

And I think it’s working because when I extend these thoughts publically to people other than yourself, I get accused of defending the Kremlin or “falling into Putin’s hand for crushing U.S. Democracy”. It’s all mind-boggling that we as a society allow the media’s conspiracy theories encapsulate our reality.

Dear friend, the people of America, at this point in time, have completely lost their minds.


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