Thanks for your kind reply and your interest in my work.
Peter Fritz Walter

Hello Peter,

Thanks for the follow up, and I apologize in advance if my hiatus has become more frequent. The year 2017, for me, so far has began to bring a lot of changes. Mostly for the better because that’s the way that I prefer to look at it. Lately, I’ve been away from my writing and away from much of the computer, because of a combination of traveling for holiday, and taking some time to myself. I’ve been embarking on some road trips in the states and using my new camera to catch the scenery. I also have found it to be profoundly helpful to take a small break from television, and my online habits, in order to savor some time to truly be, and listen to my innate.

This actually has been a recent realization for me and I’d like to share!

I’m someone who claims to know the benefits of meditation, and I advocate for mindfulness and eastern-taught ways of life, but I don’t practice what I preach! It is one thing to know what to do and another to do what you know.

So I’ve decided to put more time and energy towards myself and re-practicing the things that I know help clear up a confusing time in life. I’m sure when you were in your youth, there was pressure to be yourself at your fullest potential like I feel now. Would you agree?

I’m also sorry that issues with income have effected your desire to professionalize your hypnotherapy. You appeared excited to complete this path but things got in the way. A road block, perhaps? I’m interested in how you are handling the sudden change of direction.. has it frustrated you? Or did you welcome the unexpected roadblock, with acceptance, and turned it into a useful situation?

Like I mentioned earlier, I am too going through some changes that are rather unexpected and am interested in how you perceive such challenges! I prefer to have faith in the timing of even the most unfortunate events.

That is on my mind these days.

Moving onto Donald Trump. Haha. Isn’t it interesting to think that the we all basically make the same sounds with our mouths in order to describe one individual, and doing just that, also arises such profound and vastly different emotions depending on who you say them too?

Perhaps I’m pondering too deeply here.. But it is no falsehood to point out how influential this man has become. Probably at this point, he is the most influential person of our lifetime, whether it be for good reasons or bad. I like to view things in the ‘big picture’ since my culture in America tends to analyze the details rather than the whole, which crowds the overall point.

And I think your analysis before is doing just that! You speak of Donald Trump as if he is a citizen of the planet, therefore you express empathy and compassion for what he must endure right now. You hold back any divisive thinking perhaps because you know, at least intuitively, that there is no point in harboring hateful thoughts at one person. I cannot express enough how important this worldview is, at least in my view.

I’m still wrapping my head around the very confusing political environment since there is just so many distractions being thrown at us during this time. But one thing that is clear to me, is the divided mindset among the people in America that really is a virus of it’s own. If you publicly say that you are a fan of Donald Trump, it can cost you your career. And that, I think is very dangerous whether you like him or not.

More on that later.

In the meantime, I’m using a lot of the traveling that I will be doing this summer to further my intention of finding my purpose and attributes!

Thanks again for your patience. And wishing you a joyful experience.



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