You are touching important points here. Let me respond.
Peter Fritz Walter

Thank you so much. You truly help keep me optimistic through these exchanges because it proves to me that there still is common sense existing somewhere! As far as current events go, it’s been light on my end. Despite, numerous headlines from the past couple of weeks, it all seems to be clutter that is hiding a huge movement underneath what is actually building in this country. I align with the point of view that voices that:

..what is currently in place in America as far as leadership and political ideology is clearly no longer working. And that we are all floating in the ether of uncertainty waiting and searching for guidance to move confidently forward.

I think the time that we are in now, at least in America, is a time that we are realigning with our values and will create something out of the realizations that we have been morally dormant for so long. Activism is on the rise as people understand that change will not be lead by any leaders but by the power of the people.

I’ve written about this before but I think there is no better time to realize our own power than the time we are in now.

With the election of DNC chairman, Tom Perez, this past Saturday, the Democratic Party boldly told the progressive movement that backed Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, that they need to shut up and conform to the business model of the Democratic Party; which is fundraising with corporations and adhering to their wishes over the voice of the people. The democratic party has truly become opportunistic capitalists who would rather lose to Donald Trump and keep their money than win the election with Bernie Sanders & lose their money.

This very fact, I think has lost them their strong-hold over the political field in America, forever.

I want to end this note with a prediction. For the record, I enjoy making predictions, because if I’m right, it’s a pat on the back to my intelligence, but if I’m wrong, I am always happy to admit it and learn from it.

In fact: off the record, I predicted Donald Trump would win to my folks at home. They laughed, as did I, when it got closer to Hillary Clinton’s inevitable win. I was still shocked by the outcome. I also predicted that Tom Perez would win the DNC Chair this Saturday, again off the record.

I would like to make a prediction, on the record and say this:

2017–2018: The Democrats will continue their business model and arrogantly think they are gaining voters.

2018: The Democrats will LOSE even more congressional seats and seats in the House in the midterm elections in a historically devastating loss. Republicans will rule almost everywhere following this. Meanwhile, grass-roots movement and political parties pick up momentum.

2020: If the Democrats have not come to terms with the progressive movement by then, they will LOSE the 2020 Presidential Election to either Donald Trump or another Republican. And the grass-roots parties will become the new liberal party that will leave the Democratic Party a thing of the past.

Just a small prediction at this time. Let me know your thoughts!



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