Why every Business to customer (B to C) company should start taking snapchat seriously!

“Content is the cost of relevancy in today’s culture”-Gary Vee

Of the over 100 million active users on Snapchat, over 60% contribute content and that number is expected to raise. What the hell does that even mean? That means if you are a party promoter, party venue, sneaker shop, bar, etc you really shooting yourself in the foot if you are not using Snapchat Geofilter for your digital marketing. Long gone are the days where ads in magazines, billboards and flyers caught people’s attention. It’s not enough to use Facebook Ad targeting and Google AdWords to compel people to your business. The key to growth and gaining attention is getting people to organically share their experiences with their friends on social media. When you go to a party,club, out to eat it’s safe to say that the majority of the people are using Snapchat. If there is no Snapchat filter to indicate where they are, your business is missing a major opportunity for promotion. Geofilters helps your customers connect with their friends at the same time promoting your brand or company.

Your biggest ally is in the palm of your hands.

Snapchat geofilters is a native way to advertise, no different than the other social media platforms that sells native advertising that blends in with the site. For less than $60.00 you can place up to 7 geofilters for almost two days. This allows your customers to use snapchat to market your business to their close friends that follow them on Snapchat, which has been proven to be a more effective strategy in gaining attention. Remember the ice bucket challenge that ALS ran on facebook. Now you need to draw people to your snapchat profile and this is where you can pull your resources from your other social media platforms. Snapchat offers a lot of innovative ways to share and follow your profile. The easiest way to share your profile is posting the QR code on your other social media accounts for people to screenshot and open in the Snapchat app. They also offer url’s now which is a major plus if you are using a website to promote your Snapchat profile. Next you would need to run a promotion/contest and even discounts for the people who use your filter. This is an effective and organic way to get attention. A perfect example of this is Vandal NYC a popular tapas restaurant located in the heart of the Bowery. The people that visit their restaurant post cool videos and pics from Snapchat to their Instagram page. One look at the filters and the background and it’s no mistaking where this person is eating. You could also use snapchat to show a behind the scenes views to your event or business. The possibilities are endless and there is still a lot of uncharted territory, Geofilters are still relatively new. Prime example of this is DJ Khaled success with Snapchat. He was the first celebrity to use the platform like a daily Vlog. He crushed it largely because he was one of the first to use the app in that self promoting way.

At the end of the day pushing out content and engaging your customers is the key. Relative and genuine content that your core demographic can relate too should be your goal. There are so many possibilities for actual brick and mortar stores to win via snapchat. The key is to start looking at the platform as an asset.