Living My Faith Every Day

The idea of living my faith on days other than Sunday has been floating around in my head for awhile. I feel like I really need to show my children what it means to live a Christian life that it is about so much more than one building we visit once a week and following all those rules.

Several years ago I read a book called It’s Sunday, But Monday’s Comin’ by Bill Bohline. I thought I would pull it out and read it again. If you want to join me in this kind of ‘online book club’ I would be thrilled.

My plan is to post my thoughts weekly, one chapter at a time. I will share those posts on Facebook on my page Authentically Me. People who are interested can leave comments.

So, please join me and let God into the rest of your week.

“God never changes, but when He shows up it changes everything.” John Ortberg

God speaks to me though the things that I read — sometimes he speaks very loudly. Reading the introduction to this book is one of those times he is shouting.

I also want God to be present in my everyday life — to have those moments when I feel at peace, feel like He really does love me and care for me. But wanting something doesn’t make it happen. I need to put in some work too.

One of my favorite speakers — Priscila Shirer — often opens her speeches with some variation of a prayer asking God to speak directly into the hearts of her listeners. That is what I want — a God who speaks regularly directly into my heart.

But I have to be willing to listen.

I think that is a big part of the disconnect between Sunday worship and the rest of my week — I don’t always take the time to stop and listen. My kids are a bit older now, so I don’t have the business that many parents do — but I still can have a hard time listening to God.

I do daily devotions, daily prayer and read the bible (well most days anyway) but I still don’t feel that level of connection that I think I should. Often these things are just something I do so I can check them off my list for the day.

Dear God — today I need you to help me with my presentation in that meeting and help my daughters get to school and back safely and oh yea, thanks for my home and my husband. Amen

While that is what my prayer sounds like on many days I need to find a way to really listen to God, not just give him my ‘to do’ list for the day.

I am excited to read the rest of this book and perhaps find some insights that will help me live a more holy life.

The first chapter is titled More than Candles and Bells — that will be my topic next week.

God Bless