First art which came from inspired stranger (now faithful companion) Rustam Nurzanov

How Art Begets Art

During the filming of this first project we shared still photos from our shoots. Almost immediately people started react to my character: some found him funny, some were intrigued, some disliked him. But, more importantly, he started to inspire (or to provoke?) people’s creativity.

In the middle of the filming process, I started to receive different art works from different people, and with most of them we still communicate and interact.

The caricature picture from this article’s header was sent to me with a note:
Just wanted to support a new, bright character in our town”.
Isn’t this wonderful? Someone spent his time and energy to draw this image just because he was inspired and for the fun of it.
The artist signed off “Thank you for inspiration!
Thank YOU for stunning art!

Original frame from my first video (with a little bit added saturation).

During the last 2 years, when I was developing my character, we received a lot of creative responses from all over the world (sometimes from artists who didn’t even know me, who were simply inspired by this bizarre and funny hero).

Oldschool by Timur Nurulin and pencil draw by Valeria Kurynina
Cutie by Knyaginya Olga and a little bit brutal by Anatoliy Yutkin
Plushie by Nancy Soares from India
Splendid by Evgeniy Viitman from Prague
by Yuri Postnov and oldman by Maksim Ivanov

What was the reason of such a huge, artistic response?
I want to reinforce the fact that all these responses were unsolicited and at the initiative of the artists themselves; only in a couple of cases they consulted with me on their concepts.

  1. The simplicity and sincerity of character…
     …while, at the same time, there is a space for “sophistications”. There is not much that we know about this character so the artist or the author has room to add something himself, unhindered by backstory.
  2. A memorable look that is easy to portray.
    Again, the character is pretty flexible which allows the artist or the author room to use their imagination.
  3. I try to use these inspired pieces by other artists in my new videos. This allows me to give more depth and believability to the character (for example, the big posters in crowd scenes). Of course, it allows me to express my gratitude to the artists, and to use their work so that even more people will see it.

I can’t really say that all this was strategically developed by me in advance, or made consciously or deliberately.
No, not at all. It all happened by pure chance.
But, with hindsight, I am now trying to comprehend what has happened, what has worked, and to draw some conclusions.

Try to remember popular culture characters, which inspire fan-tributes: fan-fiction, fan-art, homage movies. What is the secret to their success? What inspires others to adopt these characters and to run with them?
That analysis will allow you to add to your characters some details, attributes, and traits which will give them more chances for longevity.