Description of the airdrop Falcon Project. Details.

Falcon Project
3 min readMay 21, 2020

What you have been waiting for so long! It's time to tell the whole truth about how the airdrop of FNT tokens will go.


May 22 at Bitcoin Pizza Day at 20:00 Moscow time or at 17:00 UTC.

To whom?
Holders of the ERC-1155 Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III cards, respectively.

How many tokens will be awarded?
Stage I - 500,000 FNT
Stage II - 10,000,000 FNT
Stage III - 50,000,000 FNT

An important condition. Read here carefully!
Only one card of the same denomination will receive an airdrop. If you have several identical Stage cards at the same address, then you need to divide them into different addresses in order to fully receive the airdrop in full. You need to do this right now, after reading this article.

There are three Stage I cards and three Stage II cards on your wallet. In this case, you will receive only 10,500,000 FNT, for the presence of Stage I and II cards at your address.

If you send duplicates of your cards to a new address and you get three different addresses where you will have one Stage I and one Stage II at each address separately, then in this case, you will receive a total of 31,500,000 FNT tokens, etc. e. 10,500,000 per address, which is 21,000,000 FNT more than if they were all stored on the same address.

And here read even more carefully!
All Stage cards will be frozen a couple of hours before the airdrop and thawed only after it ends.

Be sure to consider this and do not say that you were not warned!

What will happen to Stage cards after the airdrop?
Oh, a new destiny is destined for them, but this is another secret that will be revealed in the right place and at the right time. In a way, all Stage cards are destined to be Willy Wonka's gold ticket, take care of them. That is all I can say now.

If you are still not aware of which Stage cards in question and where can I find them?
I answer. Previously, they were handed out completely free of charge for their contribution to the development of the community, but at the moment, you can buy them from other members of the community who may want to sell them to you on the Enjin marketplace:


Do not try to buy them in any other way, you will most likely be deceived and take possession of your money!

You may notice that not all Stage cards were dealt out and some of them remained at the original address. Of course, these cards will not receive airdrop, and the amount that will not be claimed will be intended for further contests and activization of the community throughout the life of the entire project.

Thus, there will be fewer tokens in circulation than originally planned and most of them will be blocked in vouchers by the fastest and most active FNT holders. I hope you will be in the forefront.

You can read more about vouchers here.

We hope you enjoy our unusual approach to distributing FNT tokens. We really tried to do it in the most decentralized, interesting, and most importantly effective way!

Thank you for this wonderful moment, you are with us!

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