Development report # 8

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3 min readOct 10, 2021


(Oct 10, 2021)

"And the battle continues again,
And the heart is anxious in the chest ... "

Today's report is not one that talks about dates and numbers, but one that shares our steps towards success.

Let's get started!

Found a solution to the transaction problem and a complete rebuild of the code

Surely the first thing you would like to know is "How is Falcon Chain doing?" This question has hitherto been relevant for us.
As we previously reported, to solve the transaction problem, we brought in additional developers who specialize in finding vulnerabilities, reading code, and solving particularly difficult problems.
As a result of a week of brainstorming, the rebus was solved, the genesis block was launched with special parameters, and the blocks in the test network began to go exactly as expected.
This time, we manually examined each block from the first hundred in order to understand at what stage something could go wrong. It may sound somewhat mundane, but for us as a team, this is mega-positive news and a big breakthrough. We will not give you any promises of an early launch, so as not to create speculative moments, just know - the way out has been found!

Testnet launch plan pending audit

It is logical to assume that all code changes and manual unraveling of the tangle of tasks by several specialists will require a thorough audit and security check of the final code in the future. But according to our long-standing philosophy, the problem will be solved when it becomes relevant and the final assembly of the blockchain is launched into release. Most likely, up to this point, the network will be available in extended, but still test mode.

Replacing the pair with WhiteBIT. Benefit and expected effect

Due to the fact that the cost of Ethereum is quite high and volatile, and the cost of FNT in dollar terms does not undergo any special changes against this background, our team decided to replace the main FNT/ETH trading pair with the FNT/USDT pair. What is it for? For many, it is no secret that aggregators and information resources love only those trading pairs whose price spread does not exceed 5%. Therefore, if the price corresponds to 19 gwei or lower, it is more optimal to use the pair to USDT so as not to have problems with displaying the value on such sites as Coingecko, Coinmarketcap and in such wallets as TrustWallet. Now we are minimally dependent on the value of Ethereum and can focus more on determining the project’s own value. If necessary, we can always add the pair back to ETH.

* - Everything described applies exclusively to the WhiteBIT exchange.

The denouement is very close and we are more inspired than ever! See you soon Falconers!

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