Development Report # 9

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3 min readNov 2, 2021


(Nov 3, 2021)

We don't like talking for the sake of talking, which is why this development report has been so welcome. Let's get started!

- Testnet in action
- Preparing for the Mainnet
- The farm on the BSC network is officially available

Testnet in action

Probably, you already know that our team has begun to conduct closed testing of Falcon Chain, but you were unlikely to be aware that testing is already taking place on wallets with a graphical shell. Nice fact, isn't it?

Here are some heart-warming screenshots of the Falcon wallet in operation:

All types of private transactions work exactly as intended.

Mainnet preparation

We are still improving the builds of wallets for Linux, Windows and Mac OS, developing a list of edits and changes to launch the Mainnet, but the blockchain itself is working stably against the general background.
Once the Falcon Project team is satisfied with the stability of the graphical wallets, it will be possible to proceed with the launch phase of the main final build with the changes already made.

Perhaps, before that, we will announce a public testing phase in order to comply with all the formalities and ensure a positive user experience.

Running a farm on BSC

You got it right. It is already possible to add liquidity on PancakeSwap to the BNB - FNT liquidity pool, to get your share of the FNT farming pie on using Binance Smart Chain. Everything works by analogy with farming on the Ethereum network and also through the Metamask extension.
Just select the required network in the “Network Staking” tab.

Let's see how this will impact FNT liquidity in the BSC network in the long term. At the moment, the BNB - FNT pool contains assets equivalent to only $ 14k, against $ 900k in the ETH - FNT pool on Uniswap v2.

FNT token smart contract on Binance Smart Chain - 0xc52ec11337e1fd591add3488e3b87de90b865e6f
Beware of fake tokens!

Remind you. We have a special Cross-chain bridge that allows your FNT tokens to migrate between Ethereum and BSC networks, in the future we will add this feature to FNC coins as well.

Roma non uno die aedificata est!

At this point I declare the report finished. If you liked what you had read about, then be sure to click "claps" at the end of the article.
See you in the vastness of our social networks! 👋

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