Public report #3

Falcon Project
6 min readAug 22, 2020


Disclaimer: You are about to read the most bullish report from the Falcon Project in the entire existence of the project. Caution! Uncontrolled release of endorphins is possible.

Okay! So, jokes are over. Let's get down to dry truth. In these five minutes of reading, you will learn the following:

  • FNC development details or Hi John McAfee
  • First round of payment will be made to voucher holders
  • Phased burning of part of the frozen funds will begin
  • FNT value is going up! - Vouchers are getting smaller! In comes the birth of the 500,000 FNT vouchers
  • Expansion of the DeFi component of the Falcon Project
  • New website and marketing plan for the coming months
  • Partnership with OKEx, WhiteBIT and other nice little nuggets

FNC blockchain. The work has begun.

By now, you know how the Falcon Project does business. We take something that works really well, make improvements to it, and it starts working exactly the way we need it.

But with the anonymous blockchain, we decided to do even more thorough due diligence (spoiler alert!) We didn’t just find a great project codebase, we took its creator. Ghosts don’t die! Even if John McAfee himself is trying to kill them! They are reborn into something more interesting and perfect. We are proud to welcome Akshay into the Falcon family to build our very own blockchain.

What can the FNC blockchain do?

  • Fast and convenient wallets
  • Choice of anonymous and open transactions
  • Adjustable ring signatures
  • PoS mining
  • Passive staking in pools

So, we can hear you asking already: "When will we launch the Falcon blockchain?" I will answer it this way: The work is already underway, and "soon" it will be fully completed. How soon? In the fourth quarter of this year (Q4, 2020), you will definitely behold the FNC coin in your wallet. Once everything is ready and tested, we’ll open up Github and turn on the music!

We are craving for fire and destruction. So, let's burn something! And this time it will be FNT tokens.

We all know that the first payments to the voucher holders will go out soon, and we sincerely congratulate the followers of Proof of Hold on this momentous event!

If you still don’t know what vouchers are, then you are here.

As you all know, we value our community, and after your numerous requests, we decided to start burning tokens from the frozen fund.

But not just a simple burn, we will burn TWICE the amount of dividends paid on vouchers. Let me explain. For example, if a payment of 400,000 FTN was made to a holder of 1 Million FNT, then 800,000 FNT will be burned from the frozen fund.

In total, 10 Billion FNT tokens will be burned from the voucher system over the lifetime of the Falcon Project. The burning itself will be carried out quarterly after the main wave of payments, and we will communicate with the community as these events take place so that you can quench your thirst for destruction and enjoy the burn as we also will. Do not miss these memorable events!

The modern world is organized according to the following principle - Rich - get richer, but still we at Falcon will try to change the usual way of things to make sure no one is left behind. Please allow me to introduce the more affordable vouchers - THE 500,000 FNT VOUCHER!

With the development of the project, the increase in value of the FNT token, the cost of the voucher is becoming an increasingly large investment. We are confident that the arrival of 500,000 FNT vouchers will make Proof of Hold technology even more accessible.

These vouchers do not differ at all in terms of profitability from previous vouchers of other denominations. It will still attract the 40% profit per annum.

Q: Wait a minute. But vouchers are limited to the issue of 5 billion tokens, does this mean that additional FNT tokens will be unlocked for this?

A: No, absolutely not. For these purposes, we destroyed a couple of unclaimed FNT 50 million vouchers, which allowed us to create two hundred new FNT 500 thousand vouchers. Thus, the issue of vouchers remains unchanged, only the denomination of the vouchers changes. Same same, but different. Get it?

Vouchers for 500,000 FNT will be available in the coming days. Stay Tuned!

Vouchers are cool, progressive and unique to the Falcon Project. But what about those who cannot afford to buy even the smallest 500,000 FNT voucher, or what will happen when these vouchers simply run out?

We will shortly provide you with something interesting, affordable and profitable using the extended DeFi component of the FNT token! (Thanks to our comrades at 1inch for their support and advice).

Here we will jump a little ahead and tell you about ...No, though. It's not wise to put all your eggs in one basket, and we'll save that for future announcements. Move on...


We have grown to the level where the project can afford not only professionals from a technical point of view, but also a decent level of marketing support.

We certainly do not promise you "aggressive marketing". We generally don't like to give empty promises, but our promotion plan for the coming months is practically scheduled as follows:

  • Media articles
  • Top crypto YouTubers
  • AMA sessions
  • Reviews in groups such as GEM hunters and much more!

All this is possible thanks to our successful and fruitful work and the support of our dear community.

Community input is really important to us. And we noticed that you wrote a lot about the fact that our site is visually and informally outdated. Well, we totally agree with you. Therefore, over the past couple of weeks, we have been actively working on a new website for the Falcon Project. More precisely, two great professionals are working on our new website, and we are looking forward to seeing what they will do in the end. But now I can say that it will be something really professional.

Over the past six months, we have achieved excellent results in development, which has attracted a lot of attention from various companies. Having received many tempting offers for online video conferencing, the Falcon Project realized that we need a spokesperson.

In light of these events, Falcon Project is looking for someone fluent in English, Russian and, if possible, other languages, for the position of press secretary. In-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies is a must! To make the process of listening to the person visually pleasing, we are open to applications from young ladies as well. So, ladies, here is your opportunity to shine in tech!

If you feel that this is your calling, write in private messages to Dmitry or Ivan. To make it faster, please also send a short 30 second video of yourself speaking in English and Russian.

Don't miss your chance to become the official representative of the young and dynamically developing blockchain ecosystem!


All of you have seen the information about the beginning of our partnership with OKEx. Which will systematically expand and more details will be available soon.

We plan to develop our relations with the WhiteBIT exchange in exactly the same way. You will learn about all this not only in our next announcements but in future announcements because there is really a lot of information involved.

Well, on that intriguing note, our third public report can be declared completed. If you have already forgotten what you read, then I will remind you. But, if you are one of those who like to read books from the last page, then catch the spoiler:

  • FNC blockchain is in the works
  • Burning of tokens will commence soon
  • 500,000 FNT vouchers appeared
  • New website and marketing level for Falcon Project

See you soon! Because this is just beginning!

To discuss what you have read, join our official Falcon chat. Let’s continue our conversation there!