Report # 2; Lightning

Falcon Project
4 min readJun 22, 2020


Briefly about the main thing

After the start of trading for FNT token on WhiteBIT and appearance of FNT on various resources, such as: Coingecko, Coinstats, TabTrader, Trust wallet, etc., we began to receive many interesting offers.
Our chats are growing, and Twitter account has crossed the line of 2000 followers!

It’s really fast!

- Let's go to Africa

Separately, I would like to highlight the emergence of the African community of Falcon Project followers, which recently appeared from scratch and already has more than 800 people! As you know, this happens for a reason.

We value the support of our African community and specifically focus on its full and harmonious development.
We see the huge potential of this direction and the inexhaustible enthusiasm of these guys.
We will certainly talk about this in a separate article, because this issue cannot be described in a nutshell.

- Continued work and marketing

24/7 we are busy investigating, choosing the best and most affordable offers.

One of these great offers was our collaboration with Crypto Adventure, one of the best marketing agencies in the crypto industry. Soon, you can begin to notice how much more and more resources begin to talk about the virtues and vision of the Falcon Project. We are really sure that our unique system of profitability vouchers and an approach to solving the liquidity problem of anonymous blockchains will be able to attract the mass attention of the crypto community. We are preparing our universal product, which can be used by other projects, regardless of their maturity and status.

This was just one example of the many cases that we handle daily.

We understand that any project needs not only technology, but also the massive dissemination of information about it. And that is why we see marketing and working with the community as the main priority for the development of our project in the near future.

They must hear about us!

Even right now we are trying to cover several cases at the same time, so this report may seem shorter than the previous ones.

We conduct numerous negotiations with various companies 24/7

- Adding a new centralized exchange without KYC

We made this quick decision due to numerous requests from the community to provide them with a quick and easy exchange without KYC.
And we did it, although this was not part of our plans for the current month, but trading on SouthXchange will begin on June 22 at 17.00 am UTC. Yes Yes. Surprise.

This time it will be pairs:

- FNT / BTC (SubSatoshi supported)

A bit about SouthXchange

You will not find a mobile application for SouthXchange, but at the same time, this exchange supports Lightning Network technology and does not abuse the trade volume increase. Exchange with its own philosophy, we like it.

The main customers of this exchange are traders and investors from Mexico, Brazil, and Japan.
Who knows, maybe we will have to create new communities.

Exchange without KYC - Done!

You asked - we did! In the future, we will also add small exchanges and new trading pairs outside the main development plan so that you are satisfied.

- Adding Uniswap DEX!

What is Uniswap? This is almost 70% of the market size of all monitored decentralized exchangers!
Uniswap is the famous and fastest growing decentralized exchange you can find in crypto.
Create or replenish an existing pool of liquidity, earning a percentage of transactions for this!

Fast! Easy! Convenient!

Uniswap revolution passed you by? Be sure to explore Uniswap and join this mainstream!

The listing on DEX Uniswap and the Southxchange exchange without a mandatory KYC will bring new potential for arbitrage traders of all levels.

Now you have a really wide choice of how you can get your FNT tokens!

On this note, our second report ends. Brief, entertaining and very ambitious!
See you soon, Falconers!

P.S. Do you already participate in Falcon TOP Day?

If not, be sure to write a beautiful tweet in accordance with these rules and get your guaranteed FNT bag!

Our community is very strong and ideologically inclined, but this does not mean at all that we do not have the right to reward it.
Thank you for your support, friends!

If you have any questions or suggestions, we are glad to welcome you in our chat rooms!