Weekly report # 2

Falcon Project
2 min readAug 15, 2021


(Aug 15, 2021)

We delayed the launch of this weekly report a bit so that it could contain as much useful and interesting information as possible, but it seems that it will still be as lightweight as possible, and the most interesting will remain for later.

FNC blockchain launch and optimization

This week has been quite busy in terms of writing and correcting the source code.

✔️ The parameters were adjusted and a new version of the blockchain was compiled.
✔️ Falcon core launched. Works successfully.
✔️ Launched the first node on a third-party server. Working.
⏳ Now we are working on solving the problem of connecting the visual component to the core of the blockchain.

As soon as the Falcon core is "trained", the wallets will acquire the planned proprietary design and the next week will be devoted to extended tests not only of the blockchain, but also of the wallet shell.

Cross-chain bridge

From now on, the bridge is operating normally for the exchange of FNT tokens of the ERC20 standard and FNT tokens of the BEP20 standard.

Our administrators are already busy compiling instructions on how to use the Falcon Project Cross-chain Bridge.
We will be announcing it to the community very soon.

As the bridge expands, the information in the manual will also be supplemented and expanded.

bridge.falconofficial.com - Official link for Cross-chain Bridge from Falcon Project.

And since the token in the BSC network has been officially launched, it's time to start creating ecosystem objects for this relatively affordable and unloaded network. But more on that later.

Thank you for being with us, friends! ✊
Following the good old tradition, we invite you to discuss what you read in our cozy Falcon chat. 🦅