(Aug 22, 2021)

Blockchain and wallet development is progressing on-the-fly with close collaboration between Falcon Project's technical oversight and our new development team.

At the moment, the graphical shell is still requiring optimization and increased attention. Sometimes the assembly conflicts appear on various systems and our developers are looking for new solutions to eliminate them.

Until now, compiling of each change took up to several hours, taking up a lot of time to wait. And in order to speed up the deployment of new assemblies, we rented a new, more powerful server, which significantly accelerated all technological processes and indirectly pushed the overall development process. In any case, we have removed another deterrent.

P.S. We are also starting work on a farm for users who prefer the Binance Smart Chain. We are confident that this will be in demand and will accelerate the expansion of FNT in the network with 21 validators. In order not to distract our development team from creating the FNC blockchain, this will be done by the developer who previously worked on Falcon.finance.

* * *

And by tradition, I invite you to our Falcon chat to discuss what you have read and get answers to any questions you may have about the Falcon Project. All the best and have the pleasant last days of summer! 😌

CEO Falcon Project