Weekly report # 5

Falcon Project
2 min readSep 5, 2021

(Sep 5, 2021)

Falcon Chain development

During the first tests, we faced the problem of FNC transactions on the Falcon network.
The problem that caused transactions to fail was hidden in the genesis block. Our developers have already rebuild the genesis block and are now choosing the appropriate parameters for its correct launch. The wallet application also turned out to be connected to the core, but, accordingly, it does not work correctly due to an incorrect genesis block. We are currently working on launching it correctly.

Farming FNT on Binance Smart Chain

FNT farming is already underway and we believe it will soon be available on Falcon.finance for users who have provided liquidity to Pancakeswap on the BNB / FNT trading pair.

Don’t take this as a call to add liquidity now! We will announce the launch of the farm in the BSC network in a separate announcement.

Falcon team believes this solution will increase the liquidity of FNT on the Binance Smart Chain and attract additional attention from new users.

Vouchers payments

In connection with another unhealthy interest in the next collection of NFT "plungers" on Opensea.io, the cost of gas transactions in the Ethereum network is very volatile and often exceeds all conceivable limits. And no matter how unpleasant it was, but the main wave of dividend payments on NFT vouchers from Falcon Project fell precisely on this time period.
So! We would like to warn you that possible delays in receiving dividend payments, although they are force majeure, can in no way affect your Proof of Hold payout counter. Yes, the payout may come later than the "X" moment, but after receiving the reward, your PoH counter will take into account this delay and the next reward will come right on time.
If the problem of gas transactions in the Ethereum network is not resolved in the near future, then we will be forced to take measures to transfer the voucher system to a different, faster and cheaper network. But this issue still requires additional discussion and research. In the meantime, we are waiting for some stabilization so that payments continue to arrive on time.