Weekly report #6

Falcon Project
2 min readSep 12, 2021


(Sep 12, 2021)

It’s alive!
Falcon development team successfully coped with the task and were able to get the correct parameters to launch the genesis block!

At the moment, the blocks are being successfully produced and lined up one after the other.
Full testing of the new wallet assembly has not yet begun, but this is the #1 goal for the next week.
To say that we are in anticipation is to say nothing!

FNT farming on Binance Smart Chain

The farm on BSC has already been tested and our web designer is finishing the final touches and button binding on Falcon.finance. We try to make the use of our applications as convenient as possible so that any user can freely switch between the desired networks without having to study additional instructions. Convenience is exactly what should be synonymous with the Falcon Project ecosystem under construction!

Overall, I can say that everything is going according to plan and we still meet the deadline for the Falcon Chain launch. The main problems are left behind and we are entering an impromptu home stretch! ✊

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