Weekly report #7

Falcon Project
3 min readSep 26, 2021


(Sep 26, 2021)

This is not a final report

Looking at the calendar, many of you may have an idea in your head that this report will be the final one before the public launch of Falcon Chain. But after a long and productive meeting within the team, we came to a consensus that in the name of stability and error-free operation of the network, the development and testing period should be extended. None of us wants to take responsibility for any harm to a project that a product launch can cause that requires additional testing and polishing. What could be worse on the battlefield than a weapon that jams when you rely on it?

What important issues will be addressed right now?

Unfortunately, we continue to face a problem with transactions, which naturally interferes with the normal functioning of the blockchain. This is a problem we thought we had resolved, but during our rigorous testing it still occurs. This problem needs to be resolved and again subjected to a longer closed testing, and if successful, testing will continue with the participation of members of our community.

Unfortunately we cannot give an exact date for the completion of this fix but at the moment this is our primary goal and the team is working around the clock to achieve it.

We understand that perhaps some of you will be upset that we will miss our intended target to launch the blockchain by October 1st. We are as saddened by this fact as you are, but it would be even more disappointing and detrimental to the project to launch a defective product with bugs in use.

The need to delay the launch is certainly sad, but that sadness will disappear as soon as the Falcon Chain is launched in the format in which it was planned. We try to refrain from setting exact dates for this reason, as with all new technology it can be unpredictable and tricky in it's implementation.

The launch of a blockchain with significant defects will lead to the loss of the project's reputation and even more worries, coupled with dashed hopes. This would be the "worst case scenario".

As we make progress our development reports will continue in the same format and the community will be aware of everything that happens. And with any luck we may be able to get the transaction problem fixed before you know it.

The Falcon team would like you to know that we respect our developers for their honesty and responsible approach to their work, and I have no doubts about the future success of our launch. If something does not work out today, then tomorrow it must definitely work!

And a special thanks to our community for their faith in the Falcon Project and impeccable social media support! ✊