Twenty Years After Tupac’s Death, Does His Music Still Endure?
Paul Cantor

I couldn’t agree more that Tupac is not only one of the best rappers of all time, but one of the most honest and invigorating musicians of all time. And so I want to thank you for sharing this.

I do think, though, that memory of and respect for his music, in and of itself, lives on more than you let on. This is especially true here in California. Everyone I grew up with listened to Pac, and rappers like Kendrick Lamar pay homage to him on a regular basis still.

I offer this in the vein of the devil’s advocate, I suppose — just to remind that his music isn’t as despairingly forgotten as it may seem, judging solely by the opinions of rappers like Lil Yachty, which you correctly allude to here. Through artists like Kendrick, I submit, his music lives on in coincidence with his legend, the idea of him.

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