I agree with you that his music lives on in ways that are hard to quantify or measure; cultural…
Paul Cantor

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I do agree with you that there’s a disconnect between younger hip hop fans and older hip hop artists. But to an extent that’s to be expected, right? The context that is often times essential to truly appreciating the music is further away, takes more work to understand, feels less immediate and relevant.

Now, I don’t mean to make an excuse for the Lil Yachty’s of the world, who scoff at the idea of paying homage to artists like Pac, or other young musicians or fans, for that matter, those who haven’t worked for the perspective necessary to appreciate him. It’s unsettling. And this problem is probably worse now, what with how easy it is now to get lost in the present and forget about anything other than the screen in front of you. I guess in my initial reply I was a little eager to defend Pac, where it might be more useful to look at the issue high-level.

I think one thing we definitely agree on is the idea that Pac should be recognized as one of the greatest and most important musicians. I do get a little depressed thinking about it now because if that recognition hasn’t materialized yet… when will it?

Maybe you’re right… that’s just the way it is.

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