Full-stack guide to entering a career of Community Manager

So, what’s community management? In short, it is a compilation of copywriting, online marketing, business development, client support, and more. Sounds interesting, eh?

While community management has been used in the USA and other Western countries for at least half a decade now, seems like it’s just been explored in Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe. However, community management has quickly proven it’s necessity, if not to say indispensability, for growing businesses in IT sphere and, especially, for start-ups.

This post contains:

  • Required skills/knowledge to fill the position of Community Manager.
  • Where to search for a job/internship.
  • Daily routine of community manager.

Okay, let’s give it a go!

Required skills/experience to fill the position

Picture this. Late evening. You are surfing the web in pursuit of the new job. As ever, you can’t find anything valuable on recruitment resources. And here it comes. You see that meaty, juicy, half-roasted steak on the plate — community manager’s position in IT company.

Oh, yes! You want it.

So, to have a fair chance of getting that position, an applicant should possess perseverance, attention to details, writing experience, advanced communication skills, creativeness, and strategic thinking.

The bottom line of the position of community manager is to produce content. Cheesy, vivid, and outstanding content. You will have to write tons of emails, blog posts, support replies, etc.

Basically, if you know what it takes to write content, you are 75% fit to be a community manager.

Attention to details is another essential skill you need.

Still happens to me occasionally =)

Note: Don’t you ever hit “Send” button right after you finish writing an email!

Another key characteristic of a community manager is his/her passion for learning new things.

This position requires constant improvement in the field of online marketing, social media management, design skills, and communications.

That is, this occupation takes lots of energy, perseverance, and creativeness.

Where to search for a job/internship

Okay. So, you all probably know about hh.ua, work.ua, and rabota.ua.

These are all-kind-of-job websites. Although you may find something interesting here, these web resources are not specifically oriented for the web. On the contrary, web agencies/companies don’t prefer to post community management positions there.

  1. To start with, you better check for beginner-level vacancies at workcelerator.com. It is the Ukrainian online service that helps you searching for non-technical internships and jobs in start-ups. You can check for more info about Workcelerator in my previous post (in Russian).

2. You can also search for vacancies at dou.ua . DOU states for “developers.org.ua”. It is the website featuring contemporary IT news, courses, and jobs in Ukraine. While most information is aimed at developers and coders, some vacancies are for community managers in IT industry. All you have to do is to type in “community manager” in the search field.


3. Fed up with your corporate job? Hate your current working routine? Then, this service might be the answer to your wildest working desires.

Escapethecity.org — a service with the self-proclaimed mission to help 1,000,000 people to find the work they love. Founded in 2010, escapethecity.org appears to reach superb results by now, having +250,000 talented professionals building careers on their own terms.

Escape the city is an awesome resource for those to thrive to quit their corporate job and build a career in exotic places. Most of the available positions also have a social impact.


4. Djinni.co — awesome Ukrainian service to anonymously search for a new job while still keeping your current position.

How it works? You simply list your qualifications, skills, working experience, and the minimum level of salary and post that info for the potential employers. You are notified if someone is interested in you and/or offers you a job. Then, you choose whether to open your personal information to the employer or decline a proposal.

Even though the service is designed specifically for IT specialists, there are many recruiters searching for Community managers and Marketers here.

Daily routine of a community manager

Okay, so how does the working day of the Community manager look like?

First thing in the morning and last half an hour of the day, you would need to check your email.

Email marketing is an essential part of the Community management. It generally consumes up to 20–25% of your time. You are proposing and discussing the terms of the business cooperation, get alerts about recent online activities around your brand, receive mentions of support queries, etc.

Also, you have to frequently update your CRM system.

Social Media Marketing (25% of time). Taking into consideration that contemporary people spend at least 20 minutes per day on social networking makes the use of it critical for Community management. A professional community manager is always on-line. S/he strives to reply to visitor’s messages on Facebook, G+, and Twitter in seconds.

It’s also crucial to create SMM plan, schedule posts for at least one week, and create prize drawings and SMM campaigns from time to time. Keeping your readers engaged is your main priority as a Community manager.

Blogging (25 % of your time). Content management is one another significant pillar of Community management.

It is the most important and time-consuming part of the occupation. Maintainance of a business blog ain’t easy. It requires creating monthly content plans, constant writing of the spicy content, and much marketing efforts.

Most small and medium businesses publish at least one post per week.

Support & Presale (20–25% of time). Last but not least, you have to assure your clients are 100% satisfied with the service and get all the help they need.

This usually means that you should be answering your clients queries in chat, email, and/or phone/skype.

So, here’s how Community manager’s daily routine looks like:

I have created this awesome infographic myself using https://www.canva.com/


After all, Community management is an amazing career path for those who adore communications and want a job in the IT sector. There are many things to learn, lots of fun and collaboration.

So, if you’re interested, jump right in the field using one of the services discussed in the post. And good luck!

Thanks for reading.
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