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At some point, writers need to forget Stevie Franchise, and Antonio McDyess and remember that under Jackson, the Knicks are showing guts, protecting its draft picks and protecting its cap space. Jax drafted KP, who could be a top 10 NBA player in a couple of years; still has Melo who while not all-nba is still a top 25 guy in the league, and Rose, who’s play in the second half of the year was significantly better than the first half when playing with a broken orbital bone. They have $26m in cap space to fill out the roster.

And, the East still sucks. So best case, they sign some guys who can help, Rose (on a contract year) plays the way he did in the second half of last year, Melo stays healthy, KP progresses and the team gets to the second round of the playoffs.

Worst case, they miss the playoffs, but still have their first round pick and Chicago’s second; nearly $60m in cap space by renouncing Rose (Westbrook? Chris Paul? Lebron?) and KP moving into his prime.

Jackson took over a horrible team, way over the cap with few picks. He’s good, but he’s not a miracle maker.

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