Almost Here

By Sheila Bachmeier

Hard to believe. It’s almost here! I have been waiting for what feels like forever, and finally, it’s almost here.

What is almost here? The book I envisioned about 8 years ago. That is what is almost here.

I wrote a small but deeply inspiring book titled Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons for my children and yours, and the child who remains in each of us throughout our lives. It is a beautifully crafted tale for the Ages that will uplift, encourage, and ring true in the heart through the magic of simplicity and wonder.

The journey started, however, when I wrote my first manuscript and upon finishing it, I realized, or should I be more specific and say that my Guidance revealed that I needed a smaller introductory writing to come before this one. A work that would open the door to that first writing and from which a series would follow. And, I am happy to report it is almost here; almost done.

Now, I know that surely seems out of order. But, who and what sets linear order anyway? Have you ever started a book at a chapter other than one? I know I have. Order, to me, is not linear or based on an outer timeline of clock and calendar. It is a flow from within. It is being able to clearly hear Guidance and move with such instruction, regardless of how it matches the outer world frequency of “doing” things.

Let me be honest at this juncture. This was not an easy thing to do—following my Guidance. First, I had people always saying, “I thought you were writing a book. You aren’t done yet? When will it be done? Really, does it take this long? It’s just a small book. Stop procrastinating. Look how much time you are wasting.” These are some of the least encouraging words an author, and for that matter, anyone can hear.

This is where the outside and the inside don’t align or synchronize. This is a great testing area and a tremendous learning curve. Everyone else’s timetable and schedule did not come into harmony, into resonance with what my inner worlds, Spirit Guides, were trying to help me understand. Believe it or not, there is another timeline, another schedule, and it comes from an inner plane, not an iPhone calendar application or a quip meeting made on the phone or via email with a business associate. What I am referencing comes from the sacred and the numinous. And, it takes a refined art and skill called hearing and listening. A simple task when the audible words and direction come from a voice outside of us; however, not so simple when the voice of direction comes from inside us.

These words are meant to encourage you, the reader, to trust yourself, to trust your own inner Guidance, no matter what it looks like on the outside to others. These words are determined to help you be true to your own self. This is what I mean by lining up the inside and the outside; synchronizing them so that they can flow together. It takes work, dedication, perseverance, courage, and lots of slips and falls to really come into a flow and conscious working between the inside and outside of our lives. At least this has been my experience.

Yes, that small but deeply powerful, healing and insightful book filled with mini masterpieces (full-color illustrations) that was once upon a time inspired by the inner realms years ago is just about to manifest in the world. (August 2!!) No, it did not come into being through an outer-worldly-dominant channel. And, quite frankly, it feels right and true and perfect in the breath of Now!

Oh, how I wish, wish, wish I could say it was easy to finally get in sync with my own self, to trust my feelings and my Guidance in the moments when they were gathering momentum from the inside. What I can say though is the things we inwardly vow to change by never giving up, even when it looks and feels grim, finally will shift—usually when we are least expecting it!