Bloggers write because they’re passionate about something. They use their words to create change, make a difference, inspire action. A Take Action button makes that even easier. If you’re a blogger, putting a Take Action button on your blog makes it simple for readers to act on the issues you’re writing about, and makes your blog more engaging and empowers your readers to act on your content. It offers your readers a chance to change the story. When readers click the Take Action button, they’ll see organizations working on the issues in the story, and have the opportunity to support them.

Here’s an example from


And it’s easy to implement and start using right now! We offer two ways to use the button: embed a small snippet of JavaScript in your site, or, if you have a WordPress blog, install our Wordpress plugin.

With the Take Action button your writing makes a bigger difference . Don’t just share. Engage with your readers and empower them to act.

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