Shining light on their time spent at work

How using Do helps Illuminate Education reduce employee stress

Illuminate Education is an education intelligence platform that strives to help improve the everyday lives of students and teachers, by building powerful collaboration technology that enables and empowers the entire educational sphere.

As a growing company that is pushing forward at a rapid rate, the team is constantly innovating and iterating on their product development, to produce the best possible solutions for their users.

They have a ton of ideas constantly being spewed out in meetings, however historically, there was no system of organized thought in place to keep tabs on all that.

Their team was facing issues with a lack of awareness on how often they met, how much they got accomplished, and what actually happened in their meetings.

This resulted in long, long meeting note docs that lacked sufficient context and clarity on what the progress had been since the meetings, and what the outcomes were.

And as a team made up of many former educators, the skill of note-taking is greatly valued — whether it’s in the classroom or running a business. It was becoming increasingly harder to remember what was discussed, where the notes were kept, and so on.

Once the Illuminate team stumbled upon Do, their meetings — and overall work — changed for the better.

Being able to have their notes match their meetings, with the ability to see who said what, was a game-changer for them. Rather than having to look back on old documents, struggling to attain context and visibly see progress, meetings had become easily accessible and transparent for everyone.

For example, the team loves to search up how many times they’ve held a meeting about a specific product — just by using the search feature on Do. That way, they can go in and see how many times they met, how much time they’ve spent on that product, and how much progress they’ve made on it. This latter point is made easily accessible by the followups and outcomes in their summary emails, which are trackable in real-time in the hub on Do.

They can then see how much they’ve accomplished over a certain timeline, based on the outcomes of the meetings.

And if the time spent isn’t proportional to the amount of completed work, then they know they need to be much more efficient — and mindful of their time.

Do helps us understand “when was the last time we met about this, and what meetings do I have coming up?”

The daily emails from Do helps their team prepare for their meetings, making them mindful of meeting prep and agenda sharing as a best practice that they’ve set as a standard to follow.

“It’s nice in the morning to have a quick view of what’s coming up for the day”, their team says.

The bigger picture

Illuminate places a strong emphasis on monitoring the overall wellbeing of their employees.

When it comes to time spent at work, one of the problems they’d noticed was that some individuals were always stressed out, leading to both employee stress and burnout.

So, the team started using Do Insights to see how much people were meeting. This provided them with analysis on when meetings were taking place, how often they were occurring, how long they were, who was in the most meetings, and ultimately, how people’s time at work was being scheduled and spent.

As a result, they noticed that the individuals who were stressed out felt this way because they were always in meetings!

Now, they make it a priority to be proactive in preventing people from scheduling back-to-back meetings, through leveraging the rich calendar data provided by Do.

Not only has this resulted in happier employees, but in the bigger picture, it’s allowed the entire company to be able to use this data from their own calendars to be able to backtrack their time spent at work.

This helps them map out not just what they did during those time periods, but more importantly, how much they got done, helping them come up with a better way to optimize their time spent at work.

With an optimized workflow, a balanced calendar for knowledge workers, true accountability on meeting tasks, and ultimately, time freed up at work to help push the company forward, Illuminated Education is enjoying a happier, healthier workplace that puts them on the right track towards fulfilling their mission of enriching education for the betterment of society.