Tipply is a blowfish and our DoYourTip mascot. Are you ready to take care of your own unique Tipply?

In Tipply Tank you can breed, feed and grow your own unique Tipply blowfishes. Mint your Tipplys as NFTs to trade and collect them.

Since our game launch in late January more than 1500 unique Tipplys were born. Although a Tipply egg does cost $3 only, many people couldn’t afford to own a own Tipply because the ETH gas fees to transfer crypto to the game were too expensive.

We do believe that everyone should own a Tipply!


Free to Play (F2P)

Every Tipply…

TipplyBot collective staking rewards.

DYT is excited to launch the first collective staking in telegram.

Meet Collective SOUL.

What is Collective SOUL?

Collective SOUL is a collaborative way to stake your Phantasma SOUL tokens.
TipplyBot users will be able to Stake SOUL in the bot and earn SOUL, DYT and KCAL in a collaborative way based on their pool share.

The goal is to combine the individual stakes of TipplyBot users into a significantly larger stake, in order to transform TipplyBot into a SOUL MASTER such that everyone earns more than staking alone!

Additionally, every Collective SOUL member will also receive DYT from a…

Welcome to the Tipply Tank guide!

Tipply is a blowfish and our DoYourTip mascot. Are you ready to take care of your own unique Tipply NFT?

Game description

In Tipply Tank (TT) v1.0 you can breed, feed and grow your own unique Tipplys. Mint your Tipplys as NFTs to trade and collect them.

The goal of the surviving part of the game is to level up your Tipply as fast as you can. Compete with players from all over the world to win DYT tokens worth thousands of dollars!

Do you have the attitude to grow your Tipply faster than everyone else?


Heyo DYTers. A few days ago we’ve asked you to ask us all your questions about the game on Twitter.

Here’s the first Tipply Tank FAQ. It’s quick and dirty without edits on the questions.

Q: We assume Q the dyt is now worth 0.4 and does not rise until the day before Q release the final prize. We spend from 0.24 to 0.72 daily. We assume that an average of 50 DY worth each dyt 0.4 DY we spend 125 DYT+ 7.5 DYT, total spent 132.5 DYT. (to buy the Tipply) and the same day 100 of leaving the…

2020 finally ends and it did with awesome $DYT @DoYourTip stats!!

Here is your monthly Tipply Report!

Circulating supply is 1,089,116 $DYT.
Distribution halvening start this year, that means we will distribute only 2500 $DYT per week.

As more and more new people join our community it’s about time to write a bit about our DoYourTip team’s history.

Story by Alexis

I think it's interesting to know who we as the DYT crew are, how we met and how it came to DYT as DoYourTip.

The crew of DYT is the admin crew of the Tiproom Telegram community.

The Tip Room

Tiproom (TTR) was created as a tipping community by Lindsey, aka Captain Parachute, the CEO of Parachute.

I stumbled into it at the first days after the opening in early 2019 and took over the orga there within a…

Hello world, this is Tipply Bot!

You probably have noticed that everybody is talking about non-fungible tokens or rather their short spelling NFT right now!

People all over the world use NFTs as financial assets and game collectors assets. They talk about NFT and have fun collecting and trading them. There's a whole Multiverse of Enjin collectibles and a lot more to discover. Here at DoYourTip we have fun with Enjin collectibles quite a while and we will have millions of collectibles in our Tipply Tank game.

Let us summarize it briefly:

A ton of people love NFTs, they love…

It’s cold outside (at least here in Europe) but $DYT is burning hot!

Here’s the new Tipply report!

Milestone! More than 1 million tokens are in the hands of our beloved DYTers!

October is over and here is your monthly Tipply report!

Have fun!

There are 1,015,788 $DYT out there, our circulating supply is slowly growing in the last months.

Hello Dyters,

as the Tipply Tank game launch is getting closer we are happy to announce our first ever Non Fungible Tipply Tokens!

The Creepy Tipply special edition will be limited to 85 NFT assets!

The assets will come with an additional perk which can be used in the game. You better count the pumpkins.

Only 50 rare, 25 epic and 10 legendary Creepy Tipply NFT will ever be minted.

The-presale of the assets will start this weekend!

To celebrate the minting of our first ever playable Tipply assets the three NFT #1 will be auctioned in our Tipply Tank Telegram group.

Rare Creepy Tipply

Epic Creepy Tipply


DoYourTip.io - Social fun and deflationary token

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