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2 min readAug 1, 2020

Heyo Dyters!

As more and more people hear about DoYourTip and TipplyTank there is a lot of interest to get some chunks of DYT. We believe that everyone should have the chance to buy DYT on a exchange easily without causing a massive price spike.

It’s time for a new DYT bonus:

The DYT Uniswap liquidity reward!

Why Uniswap?

Uniswap is the #1 decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens and the place to be when it comes to trading of microcap tokens in 2020.

On Uniswap every user can provide liquidity and earn fees on trades. 0.3% of every trade go to the pool of liquidity providers. This means that the liquidity pool accrues 3$ for every 1000$ volume.

We are on Uniswap since 2019 because we believe that the business model of Uniswap is the future. Users pay fees to users, not to the exchange. That’s awesome! The higher the liquidity on Uniswap, the lower the price impact of bigger trades.

The DYT liquidity reward

As mentioned above liquidity providers earn fees for every trade on Uniswap. As long as the daily volume is below 6 digits this doesn’t have a huge impact. Therefore DoYourTip we will reward all the DYT-ETH liquidity providers in a additional way.

  • Liquidity providers will receive a monthly 2% bonus on their DYT balance on Uniswap!
  • To reward our early birds the bonus will be doubled to 4% until 30.06.2021 (updated)
  • To qualify for the bonus the liquidity must be provided at least 28 days.
  • DYT is a deflationary token. To remove liquidity will burn 2% of your DYT tokens.
  • To trade on Uniswap and to provide liquidity does not burn any tokens
  • The snapshot for the reward will be taken at the last day of every month and will be calculated with your DYT live balance in the pool. This balance will fluctuate every day.

You can check the current liquidity here:

How to provide liquidity?

  • Open the app-browser of your Trustwallet or Enjinwallet
  • Paste into the app-browser
  • Select “Pool”
  • Click “Add Liquidity”
  • Click “Select Token”
  • Paste the DYT contract:


  • Select the number of DYT you want to add. Make sure to have the same value in ETH.
  • Click “Approve” to approve DYT on Uniswap.
  • Click “Supply Liquidity”

Confirm supply if everything is good and you’re done! Easy peasy!

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