As more and more new people join our community it’s about time to write a bit about our DoYourTip team’s history.

Story by Alexis

I think it's interesting to know who we as the DYT crew are, how we met and how it came to DYT as DoYourTip.

The crew of DYT is the admin crew of the Tiproom Telegram community.

The Tip Room

Tiproom (TTR) was created as a tipping community by Lindsey, aka Captain Parachute, the CEO of Parachute.

I stumbled into it at the first days after the opening in early 2019 and took over the orga there within a few weeks. At the beginning it was about 200 Doge people there and it was just Giancarlo (a Parachute admin) and myself to handle it.

I thought about some ways to enlarge the Tiproom community and how to make it a nice place for everyone. We had many contests and actions where people shared videos and pics of themselves and their environment and after a while the Tiproom community transformed from a kinda sponge community to some kind of 2nd life.

It was great to see people evolve and learn about crypto overall. Those who were Doge sponges at the beginning started to educate newcomers and so on. Really cool. After some growth we had to think about more support for our admin team because it became really tough to handle the community with two people only. We have started to add the most motivated members to the Tiproom admin crew. Giancarlo had other stuff to do in Summer 2019 and from this point it was me with the first new admins to sail the TTR ship.

We grew further and have added more and more people to the team. Until November the Tiproom grew to 2500+ members and we had 3 more language rooms with another 1000 people and a dedicated gaming community. We had worked with, Bomb, Xio, Uptrennd and many more projects at this point.

Fortunately the admin picks played out like a lottery win. The new admins were devs, programers, salesmen and entertainers. 14 people. 11 countries. Every timezone covered. Quite a good mix. All of them were and are part of the community.

At this point the Tiproom was known for the massive 24/7 activity and something that I call the "Tiproom swag". Other people used to call it a madhouse. We love our madhouse!

From TTR to DYT

In December the creators of the Dynamite (DYT) project asked in their Discord community if someone is willing to continue their project.

Dynamite was a Bomb copycat with a silly "it explodes" setting but had some good exchange listings and a very active discord community. The Dynamite team had lost interest and the project was abandoned for a few months already.

After some talks with the DYT discord community and the old team we took over the project. We didn't pay anything to the old team and they kept only a few tokens, which they dumped within a few weeks.

Our first real step was a rebrand to DoYourTip. For English natives it’s probably a silly name but it shows what we do, allowed us to keep the ticker and has kind of a wink in the name.

Additionally we have introduced "Tipply" as our mascot. Tipply is a puffer-/blowfish and "blows up" too.

After a lot of talks we have decided to release a game to give the whole thing a perspective. Already at the beginning of the Tiproom time we’ve started to use some percentages of the team members trade gains to set up a team funds which then became our DYT "company" funds.

In February 2020 we made a swap to a new contract because the old DYT contract had some bad flaws.

After some first brainstorming we’ve signed a deal to develop our game with the professional dev company which does also work with Uptrennd and XIO.

The game development was funded by us as the DYT team and a NFT token sale.

The DYT swag

We live the Tiproom swag in DoYourTip. It's a very personal community and the people help each other out. They have a good time, that's important to us.

I’m kinda proud that many of the early DYTers kept every single of their tokens. I think they accumulate because they believe in the community and what we do. That’s just mind-blowing.

Since the start many new people have joined DYT and the price went up steadily, sometimes with low volume, sometimes with high volume, but always with great mood in the community.

As I’ve mentioned we have a slightly different swag in DoYourTip than many other crypto projects. Kinda meme-ish sometimes but always focused on a good time and happy people. In the background we run it as a serious business and will be a registered company next month.

Two weeks ago we have released Telegrams first NFT ERC-1155 tipping bot. The release of our TipplyBot made us the first-mover in NFT tipping.


Before Christmas we will release the beta of the TipplyTank game which is planned as a onboarding platform to a whole Tipply gaming ecosystem.

The game itself will have a big prize pool and should help to get a lot more eyes on us.

(Here I could write another novel about the game and it’s tokenomics but this will be another post)

Our motivation is to create and host a crypto project with a own community without a massive financial headstart.

We are connected with many partners and learn fast. And of course we want to be successful with what we do. I think its okay to say that our first year was absolutely outstanding.

Our next step after the game release will be to build Tipply as a brand. For me it just feels good to see people evolving. The community evolves and so do we.

It’s hard work but fun to us every single day!

We love it!

A massive and big THANK YOU to all the DYTers and Tippers out there who are a big part of our journey!

This was the year first of many years!

Lets rock year two and show crypto who we are!

Happy anniversary!!

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