It takes Two to Get to Know Each Other

Yes, it takes two to get to know each other.

It takes you, and I.

“You” always comes before “me”.

I am providing you with my story, so you get to know me.

I like taking you in slowly.

I like letting you precipitate mildly like Ag2So3(s).

I like what I know.

I have all the answers that I am looking for.

You give me them through your gaze.

I am always looking for more of you, though.

There is never a time where I am at equilibrium.

I am spontaneously excited and curious.

Where have you been?

What have you done?
What have you seen?

I think of what I will say when it gets silent.

When I do not have anything else to say.

I think, “Will she stay with me?”

I cannot provide that infinite source of energy.

I do have to take a break.

I do have to breathe.

But it’s nice breathing next to you.

I pursue a better friendship.

I’m listening to my heart.

Your eyes are guiding me.

I can be that energy, I can be that sun.

I can be that fire.

I am that fire.

But even the fire must be fueled.

It needs the air.

It needs that spark.

I think you are sparking me.