The Stretch

By Ryan Doan

Illustration by Joey Gao

It is the 4th quarter of my senior year of high school. Surprisingly it hasn’t hit me yet. I wake up and go to school every day, and just repeat the same daily tasks over and over. I know that within a few months it will all be over. The late night conversations with friends, the assignments that are assigned and pulling an all nighter to finish them, the lectures given by our favorite teacher(s) or our worse, the extracurricular activities, and most important of all; The Entire Experience. Time moves incredibly fast, and that is an understatement for sure. I feel that I am in the zone that I like to call “The Stretch

To me the “The Stretch” is something I feel like every high school senior who are currently in their final semester feel, regardless of the position they are in currently. I like to describe it as the feeling of wanting to finish everything that is in front of you; finish your objective regardless of the end results because you already know what the end result is going to be. We are all so self absorbed with the goal of just wanting to be done with everything, that we sometimes tend to forget the things we cherish most. I tell myself everyday, “I want to be done with the school year already.” or “I want to graduate and just get out of this classroom already.” but I know that by saying these phrases I have already placed myself within “The Stretch” Of course I know that it isn’t a roadblock that will put me to a halt. I see it as an opportunity to overcome it; rise above it. Motivation to keep fighting that feeling because we are all intelligent enough to know what will happen next if we are sitting in that area for too long. You will finish the journey for sure, but you will also lose sight of things that were once considered “important” to you vanish in an instant.

Time is winding down. The end is in sight, but that doesn’t give anyone an excuse to just run blindly to the finish line. Always remember the moments that made you happy or sad, the individuals who have helped you get to WHERE you are today and shaped WHO you are now. Finish strong with reason, and enjoy the last moments as the end comes near because once you leave it’s going to be gone forever.

“ The wise create more opportunities for themselves than they find”
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