Dobbeck Training Systems: Part 1 — Mindfulness

It’s early AF.
5:15 am to be exact.

Lying face up with my neck lightly supported with a single, minimally cushioned pillow, I kick out a heel to connect with the ground.

Often, I will stand motionless.

Sometimes, I throw a heart rate monitor on and take my HRV, or just straight up breathe.

H = Heart, R = Rate, V = Variability

Beginning the day with a self-awareness exercise may not be sexy, but this is SO BENEFICIAL. Here are a few HABITS I’ve formed.

My Morning Check List:

- [x] Record HRV measurement
- [x] Practice breathe-work at least 5 minutes
- [x] Write down 3 things which I am grateful for
- [x] Brush Teeth 😃
- [x] Take Supplements
- [ ] Fry 3–6 Egg Omelette 
- [ ] Sprints Around the Block

Mid-day Checklist:

- [x] Drink my NEUROCOFEE
- [x] Meditate, using the HEADSPACE app 
- [x] Visualize movement’s I’m trying to learn
- [x] Strength & Conditioning Programming 
- [x] Client Emails

Evening Checklist:

- [x] Research Strength / Fitness 
- [x] Wind down with DRUMS — As counterintuitive as this may sound
- [x] A city night Roller Blade session

Stapling a few mindful moments into my day keeps my energy levels high and emotional trading to a low. I recommend you download the HEADSPACE app, *link below* and complete the 10-day challenge.

Give it a go, DM me when you complete all ten.

NOTE: I’ll write on HRV & NEUROCOFFEE another day, this will give you more insight into WHY these habits are important
NOTE 2: Follow me to make sure you don’t miss… PART 2 — BRO SCIENCE & BREATHING