Why Should I Register My Business

Register My Business in India

Business enterprises can be broadly divided into two categories, namely, one which is unincorporated and the other which is incorporated.

The basic difference between the incorporated and the unincorporated form of organization is that while an unincorporated form of business may be started without registration, corporate form of organization cannot be set up without registration under the laws which govern their function.

“Company form of Organization is the most popular form of corporate organization.”

The Company is characterized by the fact that ownership and management are separate. The capital of the Company is provided by a group of people called shareholders who entrust the management of the company in the hands of persons known as the Board of Directors.

We DoBiz India, helps in registering your company and also helping in choosing the proper format of company such as Private Limited or OPC or LLP or Public Limited. We focus on providing a helping hand to the upcoming entrepreneurs in registering their company, not only restricted to registration but also guide them in maintaining their company.

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