I don’t know how I feel about this line but oh well…
Osasu Elaiho

Hey, Osasu, I imagine the reason you’re struggling with the line is the same reason most people do: namely, we don’t easily accept that we may never know the answers to some questions.

Note: I’m not saying these questions don’t have answers. Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. What matters is, we have no way to know. When I say, “I don’t know and that’s okay,” I don’t mean it’s okay that someone died by suicide, because death of any kind is not okay. I mean, it’s okay that I don’t know.

It’s okay because my knowing or not knowing is not what matters most in the world. It’s not even what matters most in my own life.

And it’s better to accept that we don’t know, than to insist on answers that harm those who still live.

I read your post (Medium notified me because Tre mentioned me), and I’m sure you can tell from my article that I disagree with where you’re coming from.

But I understand it. I understand it because it’s human, and I’m human myself, after all. I understand it. And yet, I disagree because part of being human is the ability to recognise some of our instinctive responses as unhelpful, and to substitute them with more helpful ones.

I hope you’re able to overcome your struggle with that line by seeing how, in the bigger picture, needing to know isn’t that important.

Thanks for reading.