It is a dilemma isn’t and I can’t fault your logic from your point of view.
Osasu Elaiho

Thank you too, Osasu. I didn’t think you were going to go off on me. I was only responding to your honesty by trying to be straight up myself. You’re trying to grapple with one of the most difficult things any human being can face, and you’re trying to do it with honesty, and that shows.

That’s what I was responding to.

If it’s any help, I actually believe there’s good biblical reason to believe that suicide does not necessarily mean automatic damnation. It’s one of the subjects I’ve long had in mind to write about and never really gotten around to (I’ll really try to now). I can say this much though: even in the Bible, manslaughter is clearly differentiated from murder, and there are strong arguments for suicide (especially in light of the often impaired mental state of many who so die) as manslaughter.

I don’t even consider this the strongest argument, but it’s something to think about, I think.

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