Not My New Year’s Resolutions

These are not New Year Resolutions. These are goals. There’s a difference.

A New Year’s Resolution is usually an all or nothing thing. It’s the smoker, puffing away on his “last” cigarette at 23:58 on New Year’s Eve, who valiantly declares he will give up come midnight. It’s the fat guy who, half way through a second slice of celebratory cheesecake, declares that the New Year will be when he finally starts exercising and shifts some of this weight. In short, it’s good intentions with no plan.

Although, in previous years, I’ve had plans. I’ve just failed to keep in mind that they never survive contact with reality.

This year, it’s different.

GOAL 1: Health.

I need to move more, so I have planned to put 30 minutes of activity onto the end of my working day. We’ll start with 30 minutes, which I will put together with whatever I am capable of that day, be it housework or weights or a shamble around the block. 30 minutes of not sitting down or sitting still.

I’m doing the 5 and 2. Five days of sensible eating, two days of no more than 600 calories. I think that works out at a bowl of porridge in the morning and some fish and rice at night. I need to check my figures again, but I believe I’ve got that right. Plus, on the five days I’m eating normally, I want less carbs and more greens. Oh, and as little junk food as possible. Some days are going to include junk food, because sometimes that’s how it is.

Eventually, that 30 minutes of activity will become an hour. After that, we’ll see.

GOAL 2: Mental Health.

I need to get better. 2017 was a mess. I am talking to my GP about medication on January 2nd. This is not a step I have taken lightly, but I need to recognise the impact I am having on people I care about and I need a bulwark between me and the anxiety and depression which made a mess of 2017.

There will also be therapy. I will pursue that through the NHS for some specialist care but I also need to look at talk therapy and the reality is I might need to pay for it.

GOAL 3: Make More Stuff.

We Speak Geek has a sort of audience. Steely Eyed Wordsmith made people happy. People like it when I write. I need to do all of those things more in 2018.

We Speak Geek is going to expand. I’m adding a thing where I talk to people about the five things they would preserve from an Apocalypse. It will be a sort of Desert Island Discs thing and I will find a snappy name for it. People can come and talk to me about what they would preserve and why.

I think it might be fun to livestream some stuff. No idea what, but a Livestream version of We Speak Geek is on the cards. I need to do something with the Queen Victoria is a Superhero idea, and I need to write short stories. And I’ve got to make time for all this to happen in.

GOAL 4: Friends

Friends kept me afloat in 2017, so I need to return the favour in 2018. I want to strengthen the friendships I have and make new friendships as the year rolls on.

So, existing friends: what can I do to help you meet your goals this year? You know what I can do, and what I’m good at. How can those skills and talents help you?

Here’s what I need this year: help me meet these goals. Keep me on track and honest by asking me about them from time to time. These were all my choices and they’re all going to improve my quality of life. You might need to remind me about this from time to time.

And, in advance of that, thank you. Here’s to 2018, a blank canvas that we’re free to make our mark on.

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