Go Away, but where?

The Escape Syndrome

Yes, sometimes I need to escape from my country. I live in Rome, the best city to live if you are a tourist: good climate, good food, lovely views over ancient relics.

But if you live here, it’s terrific. Slow and rare public transports, dirty streets, potholes, cars parking in double row even in the narrows roads in center of town. Even the typical sympathy of my fellow citizens is dead, buried under tons of bad days.

Scandals, corruptions, difficulty to make business, is an italian problem, but in the capital, they are even more difficult.

The solution? Escape, now, immediately. With sons and wife, selling house and searching a good place to live, to have a job, to study.

Yes, but where?

It’s november, and I can walk on the street with only a light pullover; if I want to eat out of home, with a little I can do it. And if I am not in hurry, a train arrives in 7 minutes, and it’s ok for me.

If I was in England or in France, I’d heavy wear, and in Germany too. Prices in UK are high, and I’d learn french or germany language.

Spain? mmmh, I see more or less the same situation than in Italy. Portugal, but I know nothing of it. North Europe it’s difficult for me, as Italian.

But, more important, problems created by economy and finance are the same, and I haven’t more force, at 54 old, to restart my life.

My sons, maybe, will be able to initiate a new life in one of this countries, and me?

Then, I solved the problem.

If I wonder which country I’d want live in, my answer is don’t care the name of nation, or flag; I want live in a country built by honest, freedom, multi-cultural mankind.

And I must start from myself.