The AD Blockers War

The ad-blockers market, those plugins to add into own browsers to not display adv popup, banners and pre-roller videos, is growing continuely, and the big firms are defends theyself in all way.

According the Page Fair 2015 Report, in 2016 the use of ad-blockers plugins will cause a fault of 22 B$ in revenue for advertiser in the desktop channel, in a total of 50 B$. User installing blockers are growing up to 48% in USA, so 200 Million are using them.

The trend is going to grow thanks iOS 9 chance to install the ad-blockers into Apple Safari browser.

Now, our mobile data are eaten from invasive adv, time to wait looking a video, popup with requests of registration to any mail list. As many 40% of our paid data are get away.

May be it’s only a commercial step in the financial war against Google, or may be a clear signal in defense of their customers’ privacy, like Tim Cook says:

You might like these so-called free services, but we don’t think they’re worth having your email or your search history or now even your family photos data-mined and sold off for God knows what advertising purpose,” he said. “And we think someday, customers will see this for what it is

In the past two months, strange things happened.

Marco Arment withdraw Peace

Soon after iOS9 distribution, Marco Arment, developer of Instapaper and Overcast, had added in App Store his Peace ad-blocker paid app. But only two days after, the app was withdrow from himself because this app ‘Just doesn’t feel good’. Now the most downloaded ad-blocker app into iTunes is Crystal, by Dean Murphy. Some agree are in place with Eyeo GmbH, producer of AD Blocker Plus, and the other famous app ADBlock by Michael Gundlach seems to be buyed from a unknown buyer.

Accettable ads

Advertisers are according with ad blockers producer to build an Accettable Ads Program, a sort of ethical code for design banners, popup and pre-roller videos. Advertiser will go to pay to inserting their ads into a white list of allowed ads. Yes, you will pay to download an ad-blocker add that don’t block some ads, because advertiser had paid more of you.

There is another solution, like that showed from Darius Kazemi with Ethical Ad Blocker Chrome’s extension, blocking a site with ads for whole. And in some anti ad-blockers it was found a malware, like The Economist readers know.


I wonder myself who win in this game. The possibility for iOS9 to install ad-blocker into Safari is a joke, in my opinion, because now ‘All is App’, and mobile traffic form apps is growing; so, why to block a browser?

Tim Cook claim for in defense of privacy and net neutrality, but this will bring user to use more apps, where no ad-blocker works, and advertising giants like Google and Facebook will haven’t trouble. And the fairy story of our privacy, Snowden showed that is all a joke.

I think that the bigs editors, in the next days, will show us less content free, no more baseing itself on revenue from ads but from our card.