Time of darkness

When our freedom goes limited, we are already lost. Yes, I really understand French people, they are disposal to decreas their freedom exchanging it with more security. It’s human.

But a government should have care not only at the present moment, but at whole life of its citiziens, and reductions of personal freedom never are the best way to solve problems.

I refer to decision of French President M. Holland to change their constitution to have more power to fight terrorist. Yes, I’m writing this post in my home, no one have shotted or bombed me or my family and friends, it’s easy to talk about philosophy and justice comfortably sitting down in my armchair.

But important decisions cannot be taken when anger is our guide, and if limiting freedom of free people isn’t so important, what is it?

There is another point, an important one I think, for controlling free people it is not the right thing. It’s exactly what terrorism wants, reducing our rights, to limit our way to live, our words, our love, our thinks. Our songs.

And when the control rises all of us are less free to talk about whatever thing, politics, sex, economy, expecially if we aren’t agree with our governments about this items.

Thus, the policy to limit the rights of goodfellows to fight badfellows, it’s no a winner policy.

It’s explainable that French government was going over this road, and those deads claim to be revenged. But other bombs over other people is gasoline for terror, and put in a cage the freedom, makes terror wins.

And all of us, we don’t want make the terror wins. We want freedom wins.