I caught up with a friend of mine last night. He’s a dear friend. One thing he told me really stuck out. Let me first tell you a bit of context. We go way back, he’s one of my best friends, and is really one of the few people in the world who understands the pain. It’s the pain I keep referring to and that which I will continue to speak about. We were speaking about many topics, one of which was my expert ability to be a flip-flopper. You see, one of my biggest strengths is immersion, not just physically but mentally.

When I grasp an idea, I go all in. There is usually zero chance of you trying to convince me otherwise. It’s a type of overconfidence and certainty like you’ve never seen. I fucking BELIEVE in whatever that thing is, without hesitation or doubt. It’s quite amazing. However, the next day, or two days after that, I forget about it and consider it the worst thing ever. I hate it. I can’t stand it. Here’s what I think is happening…

I believe the (or perhaps just my) human brain has the ability to believe certain stories to be the one and only truth. When I hug such an idea tightly, I give my brain the ability to undergo the necessary circuitry processing required to fail fast. What? What is “fail fast?” You see, by thinking about it nonstop and doing the necessary ACTIONS for it (similar to what Napoleon Hill taught us recently and what near eastern philosophers taught us thousands of years ago), you allow yourself to determine whether you “like it” or whether you “give a shit about it.” Let’s work with this using a simple example (I will include the “skin in the game” concept which Taleb writes about).

Let’s say you want to start a YouTube channel about fitness, nutrition and other topics which no one really knows anything about. You can sit there and think about it for days, weeks or even months and get nowhere. Let me tell you straight up- this kind of idiotic behavior will EAT UP your brain cells. That constant stress, continuous anxiety of anticipating a YouTube channel. What a sad story man. I have had friends who wanted to either start a business, move out of their parents house, quit their job, travel to a foreign country, ask a girl out and so many other VERY BASIC aspect of being a human (we get into the BASICS of being a human in a later blog post).

OK OK I know- this post is about some brothers and sisters shit and I just got carried away and babbled on about god knows what. I’ll get to the actual topic of the blog post in the final two paragraphs, I promise. If you want to do something, take SOME step, and if you want to be a real gangster about it, have SKIN IN THE GAME. This means, INVEST something in it (time is a good investment, but sometimes the human mind doesn’t seem to understand the concept of opportunity cost and the importance of how you spend your time on this earth- read Seneca or some other Stoic gangster to understand this). So, make a video NOW. Go- make it. And upload it on YouTube. Then, repeat that step for 14 straight days, which will give you 14 videos. Let me guarantee something- you will NOT do this. After day three, you will stop (fuck, you may stop even earlier). All good. Bravo. Don’t worry. Don’t sweat it. You just saved yourself months of bull shit contemplation. By doing an action right away (even though it was a small step), you allowed your brain to experience what it needed to know whether the actual decision was worth it. There, I just saved you years of your life. You’re welcome. Now to the topic of this post (don’t worry, I’ll give you more example later. And if you’re wondering- “skin in the game” or the “investment” you were doing was putting yourself out there and therefore exposed to negative comments, trolling and many severely devastating thumb downs).

No matter how much you think of others as cocksuckers, douchebags, assholes, selfish pricks, you MUST, and I say you MUST ASSUME that everyone is your brother or sister until proven otherwise. This will help you tremendously in life. You want to get a job in the finance field, get your ass to the financial district and ASSUME that the empty suits walking around are your friends (I do not recommend the banking industry because then you will become one of those cocksucker types); however, hedge funds are super cool. So, when you’re nervous, anxious and have massive fear (especially in social environments), just pretend (better than pretending is actually believing in it) that people around you are on your side. They are part of your family. They want to see you succeed. They are all rooting for you. Assume this fully until proven otherwise. What I mean by “proven” is you having an ample sample of situations in which you found out that people are not rooting for you. Don’t just give up after one attempt. Be bold. Be courageous. Have fun on earth. YOLO.

This one advice helped out my friend (spoke about him in the first paragraph). He remembers it more than a decade later and told me that this one recommendation has been a game-changer for both his social (in a general sense) and somewhat his romantic life. Gives me immense pleasure to see that I actually made a difference in someone’s life practically. I ain’t no Seneca, but I’m trying. Good Luck To You!