Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting 2017

The Testosterone booster, the fat sizzler, the learn-how-to-appreciate-good-food-er. Intermittent fasting has been a staple in my diet and all my fellow bros and even sisters. There’s PLENTY resources online discussing the benefits of intermittent fasting and the science behind it. Even non sciency benefits like more time, getting to eat bigger meals and CRAZY epiphanies.

For now, if you’re not intermittent fasting or are unsure of what to do, here’s a quick guide so you can immediately become a bad ass mofo and dominate the world! (N.B. I have a cheatsheet at the end)

The protocol

To keep it nice and simple, we’re going to follow the 16/8 protocol. This means 16 hours fasting and a feeding window of 8 hours.

Now you may be wondering… how the f*ck am I going to fast for 16 hours? Well it includes sleep! So if we do some simple math that means only 8 hours of fasting… Still sound too daunting? Well let me jump into so useful tips!


This is the MOST important part of your transition to intermittent fasting. This is where the drive and the discipline in situations where there’s a lovely sugary soft glazed donut in front of you or when your girlfriend is waiting for you in your bed with some whipped cream, but you still have an hour left till you can break your fast.

If you want to make this a habit you NEED to know your why, and it has to be visceral! Why do you want to lose fat? Boost your testosterone? Is it to f*ck a Victoria Secret model? Your family always makes fun of you? You want to take your shirt off at the beach? You want to show your ex what she missed out on? You want to live longer?

Make sure you why has meaning! A strong emotional connection to it. And I promise you… whatever it is you want you will get!

The fasting window

This is where the magic happens, if you manage to refrain from the enticing foods that seem to look more and more tastier when you’re hungry. To help with that here’s a few tricks you can use.

Stay hydrated!

I see this a lot! People going around eating when they think they’re hungry, but in fact they’re actually thirsty! When we wake up, we’re completely dehydrated, I don’t start my day until I get a least 500ml in me.

0 calorie drinks

0 calorie drinks, we’re talking black coffee, green tea, sparkling water, anything that has 0 CALORIES… 0! And I’m emphasising that point because I get questions all the time about making bullet proof coffees, using coconut oil, 0 fat milk. NO! You can get away with a real tiny number of calories, but they’re best spent on my secret potion.

My secret potion

What is it? Oh I’m glad you asked, it’s the Testosterone booster 9000, for only $40 per 100g… Nah I’ messing I don’t sell you B.S… It’s my spice shot! I have this very morning, or even as a pre-workout sometimes, if I’m still fasting.

I mix a bunch of spices, (to keep it simple) turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, ground ginger with some cilantro, a 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar and water. Not only does this give you a little kick, and suppress your appetite it is FULL of antioxidants fighting against the number one inhibitor to testosterone… inflammation!

Feeding Window

There isn’t much to say here than eat! You’re gonna have to get used to eating bigger and more dense meals, (although I doubt it’ll be hard). I recommend to sticking to 2 meals, 3 at most as testosterone has a drop every time you eat.

One thing you’ll notice during this time is you want to eat healthier. If you’ve spent all this time fasted and you’re going to be eating less overall meals, you’re going to want to give your body adequate nutrition, right? (If you want a structured meal plan geared to boost your testosterone check out my FREE ebook)

So do your body a favour and eat clean!


Could you give me an example of what a day would look like fasting?

Let’s say I finished my last meal at 8pm yesterday. I wake up at 7am have a spice shot. Later on, if I get hungry I’ll have a black coffee or tea. At 12pm I’ll have meal number 1, 4pm another meal or a snack, I’ll workout at 6pm and have my last meal at 7–7.30pm.

I workout in the morning will it impede my workouts?

Yes! I’ve worked out fasted loads of times! Even on towards the end of 48 hour fasts! Your body is an adapting machine, you’ll get used to it in no time. Some say they can work out even harder in the mornings, it depends on you and it’s definitely possible. (If you need a workout routine check my FREE ebook)

I’m still hungry, what do I do?
 Flip the script! There’s nothing wrong in being hungry! If you feel hungry just keep this mantra in mind ‘Hunger is great, it means I’m losing fat!’

What about me, I’m hungry but I got an exam/work/blah blah blah?

Wah! Wah! Wah! I’m running a company, constantly trying to come up with new creative content and hitting the gym! Your body will adapt, Homeostasis b*tch! Also, a lot of the time you find you can focus MORE because your body isn’t expending energy digesting food!

Does it matter what time I choose to have my fasting window?

No, as long as you’re fasting for 16 hours and eating within and 8 hour window, you’re good!

Let me know if they’re any other question on your mind, I’ll happily add it to the FAQ!

In the meantime, Stay fasting!