AWS — EC2 instance Auto-recovery

  1. This feature is limited to EC2 Instance types with EBS only storage.
  2. For Cloudwatch Alarms- Instance status check fails & System check fails.
  3. If the EC2 instance fails for some reason like Filesystem or network issues, AWS can Reboot this EC2 Instance with same EBS Volume attached on a Same Host or another Host.
  4. If the System check fails for some reason at Host level, AWS can recover all EC2 instances running on the Failed Host. AWS will start all failed EC2 Instances on a another Host with same EBS volume attached to each EC2 instance.
  5. All restored Instances in Auto recovery will retain these properties:
  • Instance ID and Instance Metadata
  • EBS volume attachments
  • Private IP and Elastic IP addresses

This is an important feature for EC2 — Failover strategy.