Cloud Foundry — PAAS

PAAS helps the Ops & Dev teams.

CF supports Java, Node, Go, PHP, etc -> build packs.

Benefits of PAAS [ CF ]

Polyglot runtime, Access Control, Real time Dashboard, Container workloads, Docker support, Easy deployment, Real time monitoring, Health checks, Auto scaling, Fault tolerance, High availability, etc

Design of CF

Every App deployed to CF is a member of Org and Space

Owner -> Org -> Space -> App

Every Space — contains Apps and Services

Control Policy — Access control list at Space and Members level

You can restrict access to any Space for Team members

For User Apps

App name — URL — status — Num of Instances — RAM — Disk — CPU

For 3rd party services — System services

System services are Databases, Queues, Caches, etc

App name — Service name—Plan — Bound Apps

Apps are Bound to Services.

List of CF commands:

  1. cf target [shows — current Username, Org and Space ]
  2. cf push **.jar appname [ Artifact name(jar/war) and unique App name — deploy the jar to Cloud and run the Application]
  3. cf services
  4. cf delete -f appname

Study Reference for learning in depth:

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