Docker networking made simple by using Weave

Weave is used to manage Docker networking. Each Container gets its own unique IP address. No need of Host port forwarding.

We do not need any Cluster level database or state manager like etcd, Consul and Zookeeper.

Please install and run Weave router on all Hosts. This makes the configuration very simple.

On your Host, when you start a new Container, the Weave router will assign a unique IP to this new Container. Any container can directly talk to this Container using the known Container IP address.

Router also works like a DNS server and helps in Service discovery and Load balancing also.

Router provides DNS level — Container name mapping to Container IP address. Router returns IP address:Port of the Container name.

Every Router uses “GOSSIP” protocol to update all Routers running in your Cluster Nodes. Using the Eventually consistent cache.

  • Router also provides Inter-Host connectivity to all Containers. All containers will run on local bridge. These Local bridges will be connected with VXLAN.
  • By using Weave, we can skip the complex Host Port forwarding configuration. Containers can directly forward Requests to Container IP and Port [Host IP/Port is not required]
  • Each Router running on Single machine — get its own segment of unique IP address range. All Routers share the IP address partition/range.

You can also use WeaveScope tool to monitor and visualize the Cluster level — Container metrics, networking and health status.

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