How to manage & control Docker Repo?

Project -> Repo -> Images -> Containers

To manage Docker Repo, we need to have Policy mechanism, project hierarchy, audit trail, monitoring logs, backup/restore, HA in place.

Lets take a simple case study of Docker storage:

  • Project name = ibs_dummy
  • Repo name = frontendrepo
  • Image name = frontendrepo/nginx
  • Image version = frontendrepo/nginx:2.2.0
  • Image Tag = version 2.2.0 OR latest

Repo Control in place:

  • We should also have security in place at Project/Repo/Images level.
  • Which Roles have access to which Project/Repo/Images?
  • Which Roles have access to which Operations on which Project/Repo/Images?
  • Log of all Access operations with Image name, Operations [push, pull images], Username, Date and time, etc