Kubernetes — Cloud Native Tools

Updates on New Cloud Native Tools:

1) Fluentd tool — Log management

Docker Image and For Kubernetes — fluentd-kube-daemonset

Forward logs to AWS CloudWatch, ElasticSearch, Loggly, Logentries

Fluentd also runs on Windows

Log forwarder with Small memory footprint, Plugins for -> Input, Parsing, Filter, Output

2) OpenTracing tool — Distributed tracing for Microservices

Visibility for your Complex Distributed System

Helps in MTTR and Root cause analysis

Works with Zipkin

3) Linkerd Tool — Service Mesh for Cloud Native Apps

Provides TLS between all Nodes, integrates with Kubernetes and Opentracing, out of the Box features — retries, failover, Metrics

Kubernetes Ingress support to manage Routing, Prometheus & Grafana integration, gRPC & Http/2 support