Learn AWS — VPC and NAT

what is VPC ?

  1. VPC — is a logically isolated network
  2. Free of charge
  3. we can launch Resources — EC2 on this VPC [network]
  4. gives control to create Subnets, Routing tables, security groups on this network
  5. Benefits — security, public/private subnets, peering, internet connection, IP addressing schemes, multiple IP addresses to your Machines
  6. Public address to connect to Internet
  7. assign max 100 SG’s to a single VPC
  8. assign max 5 SG’s to your EC2 instance
  9. max 50 rules to a SG
  10. DNS hostnames diabled by default
  11. static IP address from VPC address range [ CIDR ]

What is VPC peering?

  1. Network connection between 2 or more VPC ‘s in the same region using private IP addresses
  2. Use Virtual Private gateway to create a VPN connection between multiple Networks & make them work like a single network [secured connection]
  3. **VPC network <- Virtual private gateway -> Home/Corporate Network


  1. if we connect an Internet gateway to Subnet, it becomes a public Subnet
  2. Mini networks — child of VPC networks

IP addresses reserved for Private networks:

  1. 192.168.x.x
  2. 10.x.x.x

NAT forwarding Table:

  1. private -> NAT -> public
  2. how Private IP talks to Internet servers through Public IP [ NAT server ]
  3. Helps in security and keeps your machines & servers private

*learn NAT from source:

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