To learn Machine learning, please Unlearn your programming technique

How we approach Traditional programming ?

If you’re a programmer, and you have some function “f” which is going to take some input “x” and give you “f of x.” Your entire training has been, how do I make a really good “f.” That’s what you are trained to do.

How we should think in Machine learning?

And machine learning flips that on its head. Look, I’m not going to give you “f” and I’m not going to ask you to make “f.” I’m going to give you “x” and I’m going to give you the outputs “f of x,” and I’m going to ask you to learn what “f” is. So it’s going backward. Don’t engineer “f” for me, derive “f” given the inputs and the outputs. That is machine learning in a nutshell.

The Crux:

It’s given “x” and “f of x,” can you derive what “f” is. That’s it.

So it’s definitely not a bunch of “if” statements.